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Why People Love Wearing Baseball Caps? 3 Uses and 4Benefits

Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd. Updated Jul. 08,2022

We all know that exercise can help us speed up our metabolism and make our body healthier. And many people also go out to run for half an hour in the morning or at night, so I don't know if you have found such a problem, many people will definitely wear their own baseball hats when running. Why is this? After reading this article, you will know.

The history of baseball cap

A baseball cap, as the name suggests, is a hat worn when playing baseball. Baseball caps developed with baseball. Thanks to the popularity of baseball, baseball caps came into being.

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps and baseball games

According to expert research, baseball originally originated from cricket in the United Kingdom. In 1839, an American named Doubday organized a game very similar to modern baseball in Goupas, New York. In sports, in order to prevent the strong sunlight from shining on the eyes, the players wear hats with long brim to block the sun. This is the prototype of the baseball cap.

In 1960, professional baseball players began to appear in the United States. Until 1910, then-President William Howard Taft officially approved baseball as the national game of the United States. With the gradual popularization of baseball, the status of baseball caps has become more and more prominent.

At first, athletes wore baseball caps to block the sun. Later, regardless of the weather conditions, athletes would wear baseball caps whenever they were on the field. The original baseball caps were not as elastic as today's baseball caps, but were made of wool.

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps and New Era

As soon as the baseball cap came out, it was not as fervently sought after by the fashion industry as it is now. After the end of World War II, baseball quickly swept across all continents. At the same time, baseball caps have gradually become popular.

However, at this time, baseball caps are still only worn by baseball players. They are the symbols of athletes and have not yet entered the daily life of the public. What changed all this is New Era, which was founded in 1922. After making hats for major league teams in 1934, New Era began to officially produce baseball caps, and in 1950 became the only manufacturer of official major league ball caps. New Era, which has achieved certain achievements, did not stop there, and began to try to add fashion elements to baseball caps and named it 5950.

Baseball Caps

Contrary to New Era's expectations, these items were a huge success when they were launched, becoming the best-selling items at the time. Baseball caps have also officially entered the lives of the public. Walking on the street, we can see children, young adults and the elderly wearing baseball caps. It can be seen how huge the impact of baseball caps is.

For many people who love outdoor activities, baseball cap has many functional uses.

6 Benefits of baseball caps

First: shade.

Shade. During the game, baseball players will directly affect the view of sunlight due to the problem of venue and time, so the baseball cap plays a role in shading.

This is more suitable for summer, when not only the temperature is high, but also the most intense sunlight. Strong ultraviolet rays will increase the secretion of melanin in our skin, which is why many people become "little black girls" after every summer.

Baseball Caps

Second: keep warm.

When our body is exercising, blood and muscles begin to "move". At this time, the energy stored in our body begins to trumpet, and when these stored energy is consumed, our body temperature will continue to rise. In addition to sweating from the surface of our skin, a lot of heat is radiated from our heads. However, the head is a part that is more prone to cold, and wearing a hat at this time can properly keep us warm.

Baseball Caps

Third: windshield.

We should have all had this feeling, especially after sweating in autumn, our scalp is very sensitive and can feel the cold when the wind blows. As mentioned above, most of the heat is radiated from our heads, and a large temperature difference can make us more likely to catch a cold. Therefore, after wearing a hat at this time, it can play a little protective role. Avoid more cold wind to stimulate our head and prevent us from getting sick!

Fourth: For girls, hats are also worn when running.

So is it because of "no makeup"? In addition to the above three situations, some girls who love beauty will wear hats when running to cover their faces without makeup!

Fifth: Wear a hat on rainy days.

Although the hat is not waterproof, for some games, the rain will splash into the eyes, which will not only affect your vision, but also affect your game performance and state! With a brim, for example, when a marathon runner encounters rain, the line of sight will not be obstructed, and they can still continue in an orderly manner!

Sixth: Decorate.

With the development of baseball caps, the above four basic functional features of baseball caps can no longer meet the needs of modern people. Now baseball caps are becoming more and more fashionable and can be used as decorative items, such as vintage baseball caps and washed baseball caps. They have a unique style.

Baseball Caps

Accept from funtional uses, many people wear baseball cap for particular use, such as competition, assembly. Let us know more details.

Why do players wear baseball caps after NBA teams win?

When we watch NBA games, we often see players wear baseball caps after win. But why? Let us go step by step.

This is a tradition, but the source of this tradition does not belong to the NBA. It belongs to MLB (Major League Baseball) that stems from MLB (Major League Baseball), which was founded in 1903. As we all know, baseball caps are an indispensable part of baseball games, and the shading function provided by baseball caps can make players better participate in the game.

Because of this, every year when the team wins the championship, the team will prepare the baseball cap to win the championship, because the baseball cap is also a "contributor" to winning the championship. This tradition was later used for reference by the NFL, NHL and NBA, and became a reserved part of the four major leagues in the United States after winning the championship.

Baseball Caps

It can be said that the earliest baseball caps appeared more to increase the sense of ceremony of the championship celebration. Because too many people thought this form was great, it was kept.

Of course, if it was just to continue the tradition in the past, today's baseball caps are endowed with more commercial value. It does not only appear when the team wins the championship, it has become a huge revenue for the team every year.

Why Trump wear baseball caps?

Some baseball cap fans may have noticed that Trump also loves baseball caps. The red baseball cap he often wears with "Make America Great Again" printed on it is a veritable "Internet celebrity item".

On October 23, 2019, Trump's classic Little Red Riding Hood "Make America Great Again" launched an orange Halloween version, with a jack-o-lantern embroidered on the front of the hat and a presidential campaign slogan behind the hat.

Baseball Caps

The Halloween version of the hat, priced at $45 on the Trump campaign website, sold out in less than a week, and the campaign isn't planning to restock it before Halloween. The Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee, and Trump's wife are all promoting the limited-edition hat on social media.

Thus we can see baseball cap also used in political propaganda to express one's views.

In conclusion:

We have got 3 reason why people wear baseball caps:

1.Casual:functional use

2. Competion

3. Politics

Any other resasons, let me know. Click to get 2022 best baseball caps.

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