Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd.
Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd.

Foremost Hat helps retailers, distributors, wholesales and brand owners to customize and manufacture their own hats, caps, beanie, balaclava, etc.
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IN 1996.
  • Nantong Foremost was established in 1996 and is dedicated to designing, customizing manufacturing, and wholesale hats and accessories.

  • Now we have 1700+ employees and 5 factories, with an average monthly production of 2,300,000 hats and 400+ new designs per month, and we serve global customers.

  • Foremost offers worldwide industry coverage with cutting-edge craftsmanship, thanks to our offices in China, the USA, Japan, and Europe, and factories in Vietnam, Cambodia and China, where we have over 1000 workers. 

  • Passionate about our business constantly push our expertise's limits to provide high-quality, innovative, and eco-friendly headwear and accessories solutions for numerous international brands.

Company Profile

Key Metrics

Exporting Countries
Cooperative brands

Mission & Vision


A wealthier material life and richer spiritual life.


Commitment and perseverance.


Profit is a result of excellent human resource operation rather than a target.


Passion, integrity, dedication, efficiency, altruistic.

Social Responsiblity

Nantong Foremost established an Industry-University-Research industrial Base in 2022 and cooperated with well-known universities such as Nantong University and Donghua University to for creative design bases.

Apart from its own development, Foremost never forgets its social responsibilities, vigorously supporting poverty alleviation, education and disaster relief. Since 2007, it has donated millions to society.

Company Profile

Culture Inheritance

We focus on the field of hats, attach importance to the promotion of hat culture, built a professional Hats Museum, held the second China International Hats Design Competition, and 920 Hats Festival. It is our honor to guide the hat decoration industry to enhance the development and design capabilities of Chinese hats and accessories, create the world’s top headwear brand, and promote the international influence of Chinese hat culture.

From earning profits to the strategic height of promoting national culture and increasing the international popularity of Chinese hats, the book "Ecuador - Hometown of Panama Hats" has been published.

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