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Unveiling Crowned Elegance: Mongolian Headdress

Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd. Updated Apr. 09,2024

Since ancient times, China has been renowned as "the land of attire and headwear," with the headwear of its ethnic minorities playing a significant role in distinguishing their cultures. Among these diverse groups, the Mongolian ethnic group stands out with their extraordi- narily captivating headwear. They frequently embellish their headpieces with vibrant red coral, agate, and turquoise. As nomadic people, the Mongolians did not amass an array of mate- rial wealth like the Han ethnic group. Instead, their focus often centered on women's adorn- ments, particularly their headwear. Moreover, the Mongolian ethnic group has a predilection for the color red and other vibrant shades, making precious red coral an impeccably fitting choice to complement this cultural preference.


C14023's Gu Gu Guan is a typical Mongo- lian-style headwear, weighing 2.45 kilograms. It is embedded with 509 pieces of coral and 129 pieces of turquoise. These decorations are con- sidered auspicious and symbolize happiness and eternity for the Mongolian people. So how did the Gu Gu Guan originate? Firstly, the Mon- golian people have a strong martial tradition, and adorning the tall Gu Gu Guan on their heads enhances their sense of majesty and power. Secondly, it is observed that Mongolian women often have a more robust physique. However, they hold the belief that a smaller nose contributes to enhanced beauty. By wear- ing the Gu Gu Guan, they are able to create an illusion of height through the power of aesthet- ics, thus making their stout figures appear more slender. Additionally, the headpiece creates a visual contrast that further accentu- ates the appearance of a smaller nose, aligning with the prevailing aesthetic preferences.


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