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Difference between Dad Hats and Baseball Caps

Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd. Updated Oct. 27,2022

Some might call caps a fashion item, but maybe that applies more to high-class society; for baseball caps and dad hats, simplicity is everything.


For today’s article, I would like to write some basics on the Difference between the two; I hope you enjoy it and get to go!!


Photo by 420 FourTwoO on Unsplash 


What is a Dad Hat?



Dad hat is a baseball cap with six or five panels, the front panels unstructured with a simple logo.



Born in the 1970s as people started donning 6-panel baseball caps off the field, quite popular among middle-aged men, which helped them build their name. 


How to wear

First, choose the right color. Neutral colors such as black, white, gray, brown, and blue are for this kind of item. A creative quote, “Fresh color for a fresh start.”Colors have meanings, so choose the right one matching your personality and style.


Second, choose the right graphic. Personality matters much; they typically feature embroidered pictures, logos, or phrases. Shop online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Shopee, etc, for your right product.  


 Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

What is a Baseball Cap?


A type of headwear made from wool, with a flat top and no visors for protection. Ear flaps can be worn up or down depending on wearers.


Baseball caps are usually 6 or 5 pieces, round crown, structured, hard top, with adjustable plastic buckles on the back, velcro or sheet metal buckle to fit various head shapes.



It was firstly used in 1849 by the New York Knickerbockers team, wearing a merino wool cap, the most popular style until today.


How to wear

Firstly, try the everyday style. The anticipation of better life drives you to make every day different. A plain white tee, selvage denim, and canvas trainers, or items such as eyewear, a watch, backpack, belt, or ballet can match.


Secondly, try the casual style. Denim jeans, casual T-shirts, polo shirts, casual shirts, chinos, and casual knitwear are typical matching items. Relaxed, elegant, and suitable for daily use.


What’s the Difference between the Dad hat and the baseball cap?

1. Front lining. Simply put, the dad hat doesn’t have a front lining, while the baseball hat does. Daddy hats are usually unstructured and can fit your head better. They can be folded and are easy to carry. In comparison, baseball caps custom are structured, and three-dimensional.


2. Population. The younger generation usually prefers baseball caps, and dad hats are often considered worn by parents, while the trend is now shifting.


3. Style. Washed vintage, retro-style dad hats are loved by many. At the same time, baseball caps are more diverse, such as satin lined, camo, tie-dye, etc.


That’s all for today’s article, and we hope you like it; we would like to know more about your thoughts!!


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