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43 Best Summer Sun Hats for Men and Women in 2022

Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd. Updated Dec. 18,2023

When it comes to summer and fashion, there are so many ways to address the idea of the "summer hat." Probably about baseball caps, because they're generally inexpensive, undeniably ubiquitous.

Or you might think of Panama hats because they feel like the quintessential summer hat when you're making the distinction between a "hat" and a "cap." Suppose you haven't found a sun hat for your suitcase. We're on a mission to make this happen for you with a stylish edit of wide-brim fedoras, classic beach hats, baseball caps, bucket hats, visors, and more.

About that, there’s also a handful of new textures to consider, from colorful crochets to towel-soft terry cloths.

Anyway, no matter which way your style is for this summer, we’ve prepared you with the best sun hats. Here, find the best 36 summer hats. Time to go shopping, friend. Just click the picture to know more details. Shop Now.

Straw Hat

Sun Helmet

Custom Wide Brim Mens Lifeguard Straw Beach Hat For Fishing

Introducing our Lifeguard Straw Hat, the ultimate accessory for those sunny beach days and outdoor adventures. Crafted with high-quality straw material, this hat offers both style and functionality, making it a staple for lifeguards, beachgoers, and anyone who wants to stay cool and protected from the sun's rays.

Sun Helmet

Custom Western Straw Cowboy Hats For Men And Women

For adults, with colors like beige and khaki, the main material is 100% paper.

Sun Helmet

White Packable Summer Straw Trilby Fedora Hat Men Women

For mature high-end people, with colors like white, beige, and black. We provide custom band service, just bring it with you and go to the summer beach, definitely a perfect choice for attracting attention!

Sun Helmet

Custom Straw Panama Fedora Hat Women's Men's

Our Panama Hat is made from the finest quality toquilla straw, sourced from the coastal plains of Ecuador, where this traditional craftsmanship has been passed down for generations. Each hat is meticulously woven by skilled artisans, ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship and authenticity.

Sun Helmet

Custom Big Embroidered Straw Floppy Beach Hat

Put this straw hat front and center of your summer wardrobe. We're thinking of a Big Embroidered Straw Floppy Beach Hat, a loose button-down, and an easy slip-on sandal to start.

Sun Helmet

Custom Oversized Women Floppy Straw Beach Sun Hat

Just one size, only for adults, with colors like white, beige, khaki, blue, green, red, black, etc. This Oversized women's Floppy Straw Beach Sun Hat is all you need for summer!

Sun Helmet

Custom Crochet Straw Bucket Hat For Men And Women

We have taken the classic straw hat and given it a modern, minimalist twist. The crochet shape adds subtle interest, pairing flawlessly with bohemian dresses, bodysuit outfits, or summer suits.

Sun Helmet

Custom Black Straw Boater Hats For Men And Women

For a Black Straw Boater Hats that that's secure by the sea. It's woven from 100% paper for a light yet protective feel in the streaming sun.

Bucket Hat

Sun Helmet

Custom Designer Cotton Bucket Hat For Women And Men

With the designer bucket hat, normal style, perfect for daily wear, pair yours with a crop top, baggy jeans, and sneakers to properly channel the era.

Sun Helmet

Custom Reversible Printed Bucket Hat

Introducing our Character Print Reversible Bucket Hat, the ultimate accessory for adding fun and versatility to your summer wardrobe. This hat features an eye-catching character print on one side and a solid color on the other, allowing you to switch up your look with ease.


Custom Tie Dye Bucket Hat

Crafted with attention to detail, our Tie Dye Bucket Hat is made from soft and comfortable material, ensuring a cozy fit all day long. The lightweight fabric allows for breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable even during the hottest summer days.

Sun Helmet

Blank Polyester wide-brim men's Bucket Hat With String

Polyester wide-brim hat is for men, the string can tie the hat to your head, and why not start a wonderful summer fishing day?

Sun Helmet

Custom Corduroy Bucket hat

Introducing our Corduroy Bucket Hat, the perfect fusion of style and comfort. Crafted with premium corduroy fabric, this hat offers a unique and trendy twist to the classic bucket hat design. The soft and plush corduroy material provides a luxurious feel, ensuring a comfortable fit that you'll love wearing all day long. It's perfect for both casual outings and outdoor adventures, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Sun Helmet

Custom Beach Blank Surf Bucket Hat With Chin Strap

This beach blank surf bucket hat has peak summer vacation vibes. Wear while touring the town in breezy linen separates and on the beach with a bathing suit on a sunny.

Sun Helmet

Custom Terry Toweling Cloth Bucket Hat

Crafted with high-quality materials, our Terry Towel Bucket Hat offers a plush and comfortable feel against your skin. The terry towel fabric is not only cozy but also highly absorbent, making it perfect for wiping away sweat or water droplets when enjoying water activities or simply lounging by the pool.

Sun Helmet

Custom Water Proof Nylon Bucket Hat

The lightweight and breathable nylon construction ensure optimal comfort, even in warm weather. The hat allows for ample airflow, keeping you cool and refreshed whether you're hiking, fishing, or simply enjoying a day at the beach.

flower bucket hat.png

Blank Reversible Flower Print Bucket Hat

This reversible flower print bucket hat is perfect for any season. It features a floral print on one side and a solid color on the other, giving you two stylish looks, comfortable and suitable for most people.


Blank Water Resistant Quick Dry Packable Bucket Hat with String UPF

It is the most suitable one if you are an outdoor brand and want to buy hats as promotional gifts or team activities, the brim is approximately 2.7 inches wide, protecting your face and neck from UV rays.

Blank Oversized Extra Large Bucket Hat for Large  - 7204

Blank Oversized Extra Large Bucket Hat for Large Head

Made from premium washed cotton, this oversized bucket hat offers a comfortable and breathable option for sunny days and outdoor activities. The oversized design provides ample coverage, shielding you from the sun's rays while adding a trendy and fashion-forward touch to your outfit.

Blank Seamless Water Proof Fishing Boonie Hat Wholesale - 7202

Blank Seamless Water Proof Fishing Boonie Hat

The seamless waterproof fishing boonie hat is a durable and functional accessory designed for outdoor and fishing enthusiasts alike, perfect for those who require protection from the elements while enjoying their favorite water activities.

Nylon Waterproof Bucket Hat with String - 119

Nylon Waterproof Bucket Hat with String

The waterproof nylon bucket hat with string is a must-have accessory for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, designed to withstand the elements and keep you dry in rainy or wet conditions.

129 - Blank Wide Brim Men Water Proof Fishing Boonie Hat

Blank Wide Brim Men Waterproof Fishing Boonie Hat

Made of more durable material, 100% polyester, designed for tougher outdoor activities like camping, hunting, or military operations

121 - Wholesale Vintage Cotton Bucket Hat

Vintage Cotton Bucket Hat

The blank vintage-washed fisherman bucket hat is fashionable and versatile, making you stand out from the crowd, and the wide brim effectively blocks the sun, breathable and packable for easy storage and can fit in bags and pockets.

Camper Hat


Blank 5 Panel Nylon Camper Hat

This 5-panel camper hat is on-trend with a flat brim and adjustable flat buckles to match any look you want, suitable for all kinds of outdoor sports.


Blank 5 Panel Nylon Unstructured Snapback Camper Hat

A classic 5-panel construction with a flat bill visor, providing a timeless and comfortable fit, suitable for use in hot weather or during high-intensity sports, providing better ventilation and comfort.


Blank Flat Bill 5 Panel Cotton Twill Camper Hat

A perfect accessory for those seeking a blend of style and comfort. Crafted with high-quality cotton, this hat offers a soft and breathable feel, making it ideal for everyday wear.


Blank Low Profile Mixed Color Nylon Camper Cap

The mixed-color nylon camper cap is a vibrant and eye-catching accessory that will instantly add a pop of color to your outfit.

Blank Quick Dry Cooling Performance Running Cap Wholesale - 5159

Blank Quick Dry Performance Camper Hat

The performance running cap is a high-performance accessory designed to enhance your running experience. With its array of features, this cap is perfect for avid runners looking for comfort, functionality, and style.

Baseball Cap

Sun Helmet

Custom Design 6 Panel Embroidered Logo Baseball Hats

Not a fedora, floppy hat, or bucket hat fan? Go for a simple baseball cap with wonderful embroidery. You'll wear it on repeat with everything from dresses and sneakers to denim cut-offs and swimwear.

Sun Helmet

Custom Blue Distressed Vintage Denim Baseball Caps

A customed blue distressed vintage baseball cap is essential if you're the type to dress up for important events. You'll show off your fashion smarts with this vintage denim embroidery.

Blank Tie Dye Baseball Cap Wholesale

Custom Tie Dye Baseball Cap

The tie-dye pattern adds a playful and eye-catching element to the classic baseball cap design. Each cap is individually dyed, resulting in a unique pattern that sets it apart from the rest. Embrace the carefree and bohemian vibe that tie-dye brings and make a fashion statement wherever you go.

Trucker Hat

Sun Helmet

Foam Mesh Trucker Hats

Crafted with high-quality materials, our Foam Mesh Trucker Hat provides a soft and cushioned feel. The foam front panel adds a touch of comfort, molding to the shape of your head for a personalized fit. It offers a lightweight and breathable option, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Sun Helmet

Custom Two Tone Foam Mesh Trucker Hats

This hat combines the classic trucker hat design with a unique two-tone color scheme and cushioned foam front panel. Our Custom Two-Tone Foam Trucker Hat is not just a stylish accessory; it's a canvas for self-expression. Whether you're looking to promote your business, represent your team, or simply showcase your unique style, this hat offers a versatile platform to make your mark.

Sun Helmet

Custom 5-panel 100% Cotton Trucker Hats

Young people always change, because they’re flexible and full of creativity, bring this white funny cute 100% cotton trucker hat, and every day can be bright.

Sun Helmet

Custom Vintage Suede Fishing Trucker Hats With Mesh Back

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only; fashion is something in the air. True fashion is timeless. This hat, with colors like white, grey, brown, etc, and vintage suede fishing patch trucker hats, brings you the enjoyment of time and treasure.


Blank 6 Panel Mid Profile Structured Trucker Hat

This classic 6-panel trucker hat combines your demands for quality, style, and comfort. It features stitched eyelets, a cotton sweatband, and an adjustable plastic buckle for the perfect fit. 


Blank Performance Water Resistant Perforated Snapback Hat

Made from high-quality materials, it combines performance features with a fashionable aesthetic. The sturdy stitching and durable materials ensure long-lasting use, making it a reliable accessory that will withstand the test of time. 

Wholesale Blank Classic Cotton Twill Unisex Dad Hat (38colors) - 6022

100% Cotton Unstructured Dad Hats

Made with soft and durable fabric, our Unstructured Dad Hat provides a comfortable fit that molds to the shape of your head. The unstructured construction allows for a more relaxed and casual vibe, giving you that "thrown on and go" look that is perfect for any casual occasion.

Blank Distressed Vintage Dad Hat Wholesale - 6123

Vintage Distressed Dad Hat

Made with soft and durable fabric, our Vintage Dad Hat provides a comfortable fit that feels broken in from the very first wear. The distressed finish gives it a worn and weathered look, adding to its vintage charm and character.

Blank Organic Cotton Eco Friendly 6 Panel Dad Hat Wholesale - 6147

Organic Cotton Dad Hat

Introducing our Organic Cotton Dad Hat, a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for both style and comfort. Made with 100% organic cotton, this hat is not only soft and breathable but also benefits the environment. The organic cotton is grown without harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, making it gentle on your skin and the planet.

Blank Cotton Sanded Twill Dad Hat - 6019

Cotton Sanded Dad Hat

Introducing our Cotton Sanded Dad Hat, a perfect blend of comfort and style. Made with sanded cotton, this hat has a soft and smooth texture that feels incredibly comfortable. The dad hat design offers a timeless look, while the adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit. Upgrade your hat game with our Cotton Sanded Dad Hat.

Blank Unstructured Low Profile Constrast Stitching Dad Hat - 6168

Contrast Stitching Dad Hat

Introducing our Contrast Stitching Dad Hat, a stylish accessory that adds a touch of flair to your outfit. Featuring contrasting stitching details, this hat stands out and adds visual interest. With its classic dad hat design and adjustable strap, it offers both comfort and versatility. Elevate your style with our Contrast Stitching Dad Hat.

Blank Two Tone Low Profile Unstructured Dad Hat Wholesale - 6167

Two Tone Unstructured Dad Hat

Introducing our Two-Tone Unstructured Dad Hat, a modern twist on a classic style. With its contrasting colors, this hat adds a pop of visual interest to your look. The unstructured design offers a relaxed and effortless vibe, while the adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit. Upgrade your hat collection with our Two-Tone Unstructured Dad Hat.

All right! This is everything about today’s customized hat from Foremost, hope you like it and follow us on fashion and hat!

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