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How to Reshape a Straw Hat in 3 Minutes

Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd. Updated Jan. 13,2023

Traveling is becoming more popular, with the development of transportation tools and geographic knowledge. Some enthusiastic people would bring hats with them. And it can be pretty easy to end up with a squashed straw.

You probably don't need to throw it away, though. It's pretty simple to reshape a squashed straw hat. And that's for today's article and let's dive in for knowledge "HOW"!

1. Steaming and Wetting the Hat


1) Steam the hat. 

Use a steamer or the steam setting on an iron. You can also take the hat to a store of custom straw hats with an industrial steamer, but normally not necessary.

Apply the steam around the entire brim of the hat first. The steam will loosen the fibers. The steam will help the hat regain its natural shape.

Use steam from a pot of boiling water if you don't have a steamer. 

2) Pop the brim up and steam all around the brim. 

Keep the steam about 6 to 8 inches away from the straw hat so the steam doesn’t damage it or hurt your hands. Pop the brim back down.

After directing the steam around the brim, put steam throughout the inside of the hat’s crown.

The steam should start popping the dents in the hat back out.

Continue steaming until the hat is damp.


3) Use your fingers to mold the hat. 

After you wet it or while you are steaming the hat, push everything back into shape, constantly molding the straw with your hands throughout the steaming process.

Pull the fibers apart with your fingers as you mold the hat.

After you’ve steamed the hat, put a bowl, folded towel, or another object inside the hat.

4) Wet the hat. 

If steaming the hat doesn't work, you may want to wet the hat instead. This approach can especially work with a squished straw hat brim. Spray the hat with water. It should dry back in shape because the moisture will make the straw more pliable.

Just spray the hat with a misting of water. If that doesn’t work, you may want to dip the hat’s crown into a bowl of warm water.

Make sure it’s evenly wet by turning it around and around in the bowl.  

5) Let the hat sit and dry out. 

When you're done steaming or wetting it, you need to give the straw hat a chance to dry.

Start the steaming or wetting process all over again if the hat still hasn’t regained its perfect shape.

Some custom embroidered straw hats only require one steaming or wetting, but other hats may need to go through the process a second time.



2. Reshaping the Hat

1) Roll up a towel to mold the hat. 

You could moisten the towel for good measure. It will help the straw relax even more.

Now, put the straw hat on top of the rolled-up towel. Let it sit there for a while to help the straw hat reform into the right shape. 

You want to make sure that you roll the towel widely enough and that you put the hat as far into it as you can.  

2) Put a round object inside the hat. 

Instead of a towel, you could put a bowl inside the hat or any other round object that will snugly fit inside the hat. This should help it take a head-like shape again.

Weights, clips or strings can also be used to hold down the hat, so that it starts to take its original shape.[5]

You could use any round object for this purpose, but you want to make sure that it fits perfectly inside the hat’s crown or it won’t help.

3) Iron the hat. 

Rest the brim of the hat wrong side up on the edge of an ironing board. Place a damp cloth onto the brim. Set the iron to a fairly hot temperature.

Press the iron around the brim over the damp cloth. Press very gently and do not let the iron rest on the brim.  

Rotate the brim to move it around in its entirety. Iron the tops and it require careful treatment depending on their style.    


3. Protecting the Hat

1) Buy a head block. These are Styrofoam heads that your hat can sit on when you aren't wearing it. This is the best way to regain the hat’s shape because it’s literally a fake head.


2) Place a heavy object over the hat. You want the object to sit on top of the hat’s brim in order to keep it flat and from curling up.


Thank you very much, and that’s all for today’s article, and hope you get enough knowledge from it and any new ideas, please comment below and let us know!!

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