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What is Nord strom?

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1. Introduction 

Nordstrom, Inc. is an American luxury department store chain headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and founded by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin in 1901. The original Wallin & Nordstrom store operated exclusively as a shoe store, and a second Nordstrom's shoe store opened in 1923.


2. Product 

The Nordstrom line of high-quality clothing, shoes and accessories offers just the right pieces for women, men and kids seeking timeless, classic items to complement and polish their wardrobe. Versatility, ease and affordability are hallmarks of the Nordstrom collection.



Source: official website  


3. History 

John W. Nordstrom was born on February 15, 1871, in the town of Luleå in Northern Sweden. In 1887, Nordstrom immigrated to the United States at the age of 16. His name at birth was Johan Nordström, which he later anglicized to John Nordstrom. After landing in New York, he began working in Michigan and was able to save enough money to purchase a 20-acre (81,000 m ) potato farm in Arlington, Washington.


Nordstrom eventually settled on a shoe store that opened in 1901, called Wallin & Nordstrom. Carl F. Wallin, the co-founder of the store, was the owner of the adjacent shoe repair shop. John and Hilda had five children, three of whom would follow him into the family business, Everett W. (1903), Elmer J. (1904) and Lloyd N. Nordstrom.



In 2000 the Nordstrom family reasserted its control, with the sons of Bruce A. (Blake, Erik and Peter) assuming senior roles in the company which they continue to hold. Blake Nordstrom served as sole President of the company from 2000 to 2014 with Erik and Peter joining him as co-Presidents in 2015.


Nordstrom Canada Retail, Inc. (French: Les Detaillants Nordstrom Canada, Inc.) is the Canadian division of Nordstrom, and was announced on September 13, 2012. In this market, it competes with Canadian department stores including Holt Renfrew, Hudson's Bay, and Simons.


Four full-line Nordstrom stores were announced for the first phase of expansion, with nine full-line stores total expected in the long term. 


4. Where to buy Nord Storm hats

You can shop on their official website:  


5. Data of Nord Storm


Employee: 72,000

Revenue: $15B

Headquarters: 1617 6th Ave, Seattle, Washington, 98101, United States


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