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How to Wear Dad Hats in 3 Minutes

Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd. Updated Jul. 09,2024

Dad hats are fashionable! They have a curved brim and an obtuse angle where the brim attaches to the main body. This hat style gets its name from the laid-back fashion often associated with fathers and vintage vibes.

In the 1990s, dad hats gained popularity as rappers started wearing them. The caps for men and women went perfectly well with their outfits, such as baggy pants, dresses, and so on. The trend briefly faded away in the 2000s, but made an emphatic comeback in 2016.

For today’s article, we would give an overview of the versatility and universal appeal of dad hats across different ages and styles, let’s dive in!!

Understanding Dad Hats

A dad hat, also referred to as a dad cap, is renowned for its relaxed and vintage-inspired look. Dad hats have a curved brim and an obtuse angle where the brim attaches to the main body. 

This hat style gets its name from the laid-back fashion often associated with fathers and vintage vibes. The front panel of a dad hat is usually softer and less structured compared to a snapback, providing a comfortable and casual feel. Dad hats are all about minimalistic designs, often featuring simple logos or embroidered words that exude a sense of effortless coolness.


Choosing the Right Dad Hat

How do you match a hat and face shape? Well, go with an asymmetrical style, like a fedora or baseball cap, to balance a round face. For a heart-shaped face, try a fedora, cloche, or beanie. Soften the edges of a square face by wearing a hat with a rounded brim. Sunhats, cowboy hats, and cloches are great options.

What materials are used to make dad hats? Dad caps for men and women are usually made of soft cotton, canvas or corduroy. These fabrics ensure that the dad caps remain light. Further, the understated colors complement the materials.

As for the color and choice making, just start with your complexion. A general rule of thumb when deciding what color is best for a hat is to identify your undertones. For skin with yellow or red undertones, warm colors like brown, tan, or maroon will complement your face. For those with cool undertones, matching cool colors like grey or blue is the way to go.

Styling Dad Hats for Different Occasions

- Casual Looks: Pairing dad hats with jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers for a relaxed, everyday style.

- Sporty Outfits: Combining dad hats with athletic wear for a functional yet fashionable look.

- Dressing Up: How to use dad hats to downplay more formal outfits or add a touch of personality to business casual attire.

- Seasonal Styles: Adapting dad hat outfits for summer, winter, and transitional seasons.

Casual wear (or casual attire or clothing) is a Western dress code that is relaxed, occasional, spontaneous and suited for everyday use. Casual wear became popular in the Western world following the counterculture of the 1960s. When emphasising casual wear's comfort, it may be referred to as leisurewear or loungewear. You can pair dad hats with jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers for a relaxed, everyday style.

Sporty styling is a popular trend that combines athleticism with fashion. Embrace athleisure by incorporating versatile pieces into your wardrobe. Opt for sporty silhouettes, such as track pants and bomber jackets, for a relaxed and stylish look. Combining dad hats with athletic wear for a functional yet fashionable look would be good.

“Business casual” is a dress code where the term translates precisely to what it means: a mix of formal and casual clothing. It's less formal than business wear, like suits, but still professional. It's one of many types of business attire that people wear in the workplace. Wearing khaki pants or slacks with a blouse/polo, but without a tie, adding a dad hat would be considered typically business casual.

Fashion is typically split into four seasons: Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, Resort, and Pre-Fall. The two main seasons, however, are Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter and are always shown at Fashion Week in London, Milan, New York, and Paris. Spring/Summer starts in January and extends to around June. Pair dad hats with four season normal wearing would be suitable.


Incorporating Dad Hats into Various Aesthetics

- Streetwear: Integrating dad hats into layered looks and streetwear ensembles.

- Minimalist: Keeping it simple with monochrome colors and clean lines.

- Vintage and Retro: Pairing dad hats with throwback fashion pieces for a nostalgic vibe.

- Bohemian: How dad hats can complement free-spirited and boho-chic outfits.

Streetwear is a casual fashion style that became popular in the 1990s. It includes comfortable yet trendy clothing such as graphic tees, hoodies, sweatpants, and sneakers. Streetwear brands are inspired by both hip-hop culture and skater style.

Minimalist fashion is a style that emphasizes simplicity, functionality and elegance. It is characterized by neutral colors, clean lines, minimal embellishments and timeless silhouettes.

In layman terms, retro clothing is an item designed to imitate bygone fashions. A garment can also be both vintage and retro. If it was manufactured in the 90's to replicate styles of the 80's then this particular item would be bother vintage and retro.

The bohemian fashion is all about feeling comfortable and be at ease. Boho style features loose, flared, free-flowing silhouettes and relaxed fits that can be flowy, flouncy maxi dresses, wide-sleeved tops, mixed print skirts, and lounge pants. Materials. When it comes to boho-style, comfort is the key!


Accessorizing with Dad Hats

Accessories are an essential part of fashion and can elevate any outfit. They add personality, transform a simple outfit, create a cohesive look, balance an outfit, and can be used to transition outfits from day to night.

The role of sunglasses, watches, and jewelry in completing the dad hat cannot be ignored. Items such as such as jewellery, gloves, handbags, hats, belts, scarves, watches, sunglasses, pins, stockings, bow ties, leggings, ties, suspenders, and tights. Accessories tie your ensemble together. They create interesting detail where clothes are simple or plain. 

Accessories add personality to your look and give you an opportunity to express your unique personal style. 


Tips for Wearing Dad Hats

- Adjusting the fit for comfort and style.

- Ideas for personalizing dad hats with pins, patches, or embroidery.

- Maintenance tips to keep your dad hats looking fresh and lasting longer.

Dad hats typically come as one size fits most, which will fit a head circumference of 22–23.5 inches (56–60 cm). If you're ordering online, use a measuring tape to measure around your head.

Also, you can personalize dad hats with pins, patches, or embroidery. 

A lapel pin, also known as an enamel pin, is a small pin worn on clothing, often on the lapel of a jacket, attached to a bag, or displayed on a piece of fabric.


Cloth patches are rectangles of cloth that are used to cover up holes in clothing and other fabric items. Patches are usually used on clothes and soft things like cushions, teddy bears and blankets. Patches are sewn on with a needle and thread or glued on using a hot iron.

Embroidery is the skilled technique of embellishing and decorating a garment by hand, using stitches in silks and yarns and sometimes including sequins, beads, feathers and pearls.

As for the mainteinance, if your dad hat doesn't have a care label, your best bet is hand washing to prevent any fading or structural damage to the brim. Keep in mind that common hat materials like cotton can shrink slightly in the washer. Also, don't machine wash any hat that already has rips or holes, as the washer motion can make them worse.

Inspiration and Ideas

Larry David most likely has a whole closet of them. Even President Barack Obama (arguably the ultimate cool dad) wears one! Whether they are emblazoned with a baseball team or happen to be a scuffed-up freebie from an alma mater, a place of employment, or an ironic-looking souvenir from a casino, the grab-and-go dad hat exists for one purpose only: to do its head-covering job.

And you can thank labels like Vetements for making the dopey dud a must-buy again, pairing it with none other than the revived floppy-sleeved hoodie for Fall 2016. If that wasn’t enough, the dad hat is the preferred look of off-duty models. Just last week, Gigi Hadid stepped out in a plain white cap that cradled her tresses, while Hailey Baldwin has quite the collection herself. 

You know who also loves dad hats? Celebrities. Rihanna took the accessory for a spin, Kim Kardashian West has worn a string of them, and North West prefers a cute dad hat in a soft shade of baby pink.


From Rihanna to Obama — everyone loves dad hats. After all, dad caps are comfortable, convenient, and oh-so-versatile. This unisex cap is giving streetwear a much-needed upgrade. Dad caps make room for fashionable self-expression, going a step further from flat brims and snapbacks.

Fashion is widely recognized as a form of self-expression. The way individuals choose to dress, style themselves, and accessorize can communicate a lot about their personality, interests, cultural affiliations, and even their mood on a particular day.

That’s all for today, if you have any questions, please comment down and let us know!!

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