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What is Cashmere?Difference Between Cashmere and Wool!

Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd. Updated Mar. 17,2022

This winter, cashmere beanie and wool knitted caps become famous worldwide, especially cashmere hats. But how to buy a real cashmere hat? Today, I will share the knowledge with you.

What is cashmere? What is cashmere made of? Is cashmere wool?

First, cashmere is not wool. Cashmere and wool are grown on different kinds of sheep. Wool comes from sheep while cashmere from goats.


Wool comes from sheep, even if the wool is very fine, it is called wool professionally. Wool products have good hand feeling, good heat retention, comfortable to wear.



A thin layer of fine wool that grows in the outer cortex of a goat and covers the root of a goat's coarse hair. When it is cold in winter, it becomes resistant to wind chill and warm in spring.

Cashmere, a cashmere sweater with only 0.2% of the world's total animal fibre production due to its sparse production of an average of five cashmere, is recognized as "soft gold" in trading terms of grams.

Cashmere has a much better feel and warmth than wool (8 times warmer than wool), is lighter than wool, weighs only a fifth of its weight, but is also more attractive and less wearable than wool.


Difference between cashmere and wool?

1. Methods of Collection

Wool is obtained by shearing, similar to haircut, while cashmere is obtained by combing wool.

2. Production

Each sheep can produce several kilograms of wool a year; each goat can produce only a few dozen grams of cashmere a year, a rare special animal fiber, known as "Fiber Queen", "Soft Gold".

3. Heat Retention

Cashmere is slimmer and softer than wool and other wool products and is best used for winter, especially in the cold northern winter, its heat retention is better.

Experts point out that cashmere is the finest of the animal fibers, such as Albus cashmere, the fineness is usually between 13um and 15.5um. Cashmere has high natural curvature, therefore it’s  closely arranged in textile weaving, which is why cashmere is better to keep warm.

The researchers pointed out that cashmere is 1.5-2 times warmer than wool, and that cashmere fibers are small and smooth in appearance and have an air layer in the middle of the fiber, which is light in weight and smooth in hand.


4. Thickness

Cashmere is much thinner than wool, the scales of cashmere are finer and smoother than wool, the curvature is higher, the fine cashmere contains much air, forms air layer, resists external cold air, easy to maintain constant temperature.

5. Flexible and Resilient

Cashmere fibers are evenly fine, textile finished products are tightly arranged and have higher sebum content, so cashmere finished products have better appearance and softer feel than wool finished products.

6. Soft Color

The biggest difference between cashmere and wool is the color, which is more natural and soft than the rough color of wool. Cashmere is also characterized by even fiber fineness and low density.

It has also been found that the cross-section is usually circular and therefore has very effective moisture absorption. In other words, cashmere can absorb dyes more effectively than wool and is not easy to fade.

Compared with other fibers, cashmere products are also natural, soft, pure and brilliant. That's why cashmere products are so popular, people who are afraid of cold can wear more cashmere sweaters.


7. Good flexibility

Cashmere is also resilient, and its flexibility is very good, which is not comparable with other fibers. Cashmere fibers have greater curl number, curl rate and curl response rate, they feel fuller and softer after processing the finished product, and it is very elastic. For all these features, cashmere clothes are more comfortable and natural, and have good restore properties.

The most important thing is that cashmere products can’t shrinkage after washes, the preservation is good, which is the easiest way to distinguish between wool and cashmere products.

8. Good water absorption

The water absorption of cashmere is the strongest of all textile fibers with a return rate of more than 15%. If you soak a cashmere sweater in water, it will be wet for a few seconds, and it will take more than half a minute to soak. Therefore, the moisture absorption, cashmere is also obviously superior to wool. As a result, cashmere is stained without discoloration and is full of color. It's more breathable, too.


How to choose cashmere?

Apart from the details above, the main way to identify cashmere and wool is to look at prices and hand tags.


The price of pure cashmere is 111$/kg, while the price of wool does not exceed 9.52$/kg, the price is about ten times different. Even fine silk light wool does not exceed 14.28$/kg, and the processing cost is about 0.2$/g, so you can calculate the weight of the garment.

Hand tags:

See the trademark. According to the regulations, the trademark of cashmere sweater should indicate the content of cashmere. The higher the cashmere content, the more expensive the price. Of particular concern is the requirement that cashmere sweaters contain more than 30% of suede to be called cashmere sweaters, and 100% of cashmere sweaters can be marked for more than 95%.


Will cashmere pill?

Cashmere itself has better fiber toughness. When friction is created with other fabrics, some fibers are wired and wound together to form a ball of hair.

Therefore, if the yarn is spun tightly, cashmere will not be easy to start the ball in the later stages, and if the yarn is spun loosely, it will be easy to start the ball. But spinning is also a very careful process, if one can’t pursue the ball effect, spinning too tight, cashmere fiber will not be released, there is no cashmere soft waxy feel and effect.

Also the cashmere sweater fabric structure is different, the impact on the ball is also different. Normal cashmere sweater, does not occur in large areas of the ball, the local rubbing of the ball is normal, but pilling will affect the sense of hand and beauty, which might prove that you’ve bought a counterfeit.


How to avoid friction when wearing cashmere?

1. Cashmere fiber itself is soft and waxy, and it won't hurt people if you wear it normally. On the contrary, you can enjoy the softness of your skin. More importantly, when you wear it close to your body, you can avoid friction with other clothes, so as to reduce the probability of pilling.

2. Try to match smooth clothing, such as feathers or other smooth-lined coats, with hard clothes such as cowboys. Special attention is also paid to areas of daily life where friction is more frequent, especially when worn out to reduce friction with other hard objects.

3. Cashmere fibers are prone to fatigue, so you should change frequently when wearing.

4. Increased washing times will also reduce the lifespan of cashmere sweaters, and also pay attention to the strength to avoid damaging fibers.


Can you wash cashmere? How to wash cashmere?

1.  Be careful to keep clean when wearing.

Cashmere underwear should be lightly beaten to remove dust, cashmere jacket can be fluffy static electric brush in the direction of the hair head to gently brush, can remove the dust, also can prevent insect lurking, damage, also can make plush smooth. In addition, cashmere stains should be washed promptly.

2.  Cashmere clothes should be washed, ironed and dried before being stored due to season changes, which can reduce the condition and range of mould worm activity and can be sterilized.

When cashmere products are stored, the underwear may be folded, sealed in a plastic bag package and placed flatly in the wardrobe, the coat be put in a plastic bag and hung in the closet.


4.  Storage of cashmere products should be carefully shaded to prevent discoloration, and should be constantly ventilated, shaded, dusty, damp, and impervious to sunlight. Put it in the wardrobe after drying. At the same time put around the wardrobe anti-mildew, anti-moth tablets, so as to avoid the cashmere products damp moldy worm.

5.  Washing method.

For the surface of cashmere fiber consisting of many scales, once the washing machine is used to wash cashmere products, it will make cashmere products felt and destroy the excellent properties of cashmere products.

Therefore, cashmere products can’t be washed by washing machine, preferably dry cleaning or hand washing.


When the cashmere products are mildly dirty, the neutral detergent (shampoo, meal wash, cashmere sweater special detergent can be poured into the warm water at 30 ° C or so.

Then wash in warm water at around 40 ° C several times until clean, add a little vinegar or softener to the water.

At last, lay the cashmere product, and the iron of 120 ° C -140 ° C is finished. The iron can‘t touch the cashmere product directly. The cashmere products can be laid flat to dry after shaping.

Hope this can help you.

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