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The Process of Manufacturing Baseball Caps —— 10 Steps

Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd. Updated Feb. 08,2023

In this article, I will show you how to manufacture baseball caps.

· Some Basic Facts about Caps

Baseball caps are still often made of solid-color wool. Some caps are not used expressly for baseball, but are of the baseball cap style and have company or other logos on them are of cotton or cotton-synthetic combinations. The visors of these caps always include some kind of stiffening. 

Sometimes this stiffening is buckram, other times it is a plastic insert (the material depends on the company). Some custom fitted baseball caps are stiffened in the center front to accommodate the embroidered logo and this may be accomplished by sewing various kinds of stiffeners in the two front panels. 

· How is a Cap Designed?

The design of baseball caps has varied little and changes only in the color of fabric used for the hat (based on the needs of the team) and the logo on the center front of the hat.  Some baseball hat vendors have tinkered with the basic baseball cap design to get a better-fitting cap on the head.

· What is a cap made of?

Fabric Material. Baseball caps are generally made of cotton, cotton blends, jersey mesh, wool, acrylic/wool blends, and moisture-wicking fabrics.


· Components of a Baseball Cap

The process of making the caps starts with knowing about the components of the cap. Every baseball/snapbacks comprise the following components:


Crown: The dome part of the cap is called the crown of the cap and is made by sewing mostly 6 triangular fabric panels together. 

Panels: The main part of a baseball cap, the part that forms the hat is the panels. The rounded structure of a baseball cap is constructed by joining a number of these panels by sewing them with a suitable thread. normally sewn in five or six sections. 

Eyelets: Eyelets are round holes sewn or attached near the top of each panel. The purpose of these is to keep your head cool and provide ventilation. They can be holes in the fabric, bordered by a sewn edge, or they can be punched with small metal rivets Eyelets help with ventilation.

Button or Squatchee: The button is at the top of the hat, and serves as a cosmetic feature. It is placed where the panels meet at the top of the cap. The color of the button has usually matched the color of the hat.

Sweatband: The sweatband is the cloth band that is inside the hat. It is located at the base of the crown and completely circles the inside of the panels. The sweatband is a traditional part of all hats and caps and is usually around the forehead to catch sweat from dripping on you. 

Visor: This is the fabric sandwiched plastic/cardboard attached to the front of the cap which helps to shield the eyes from the sun. It comes in different shapes and can steer the entire look of the cap.

Top button: A fabric-covered metal button attached at the top of the cap which holds all the panels together.

Closure: The back piece in the cap allows for fit and adjustment. There are different types of closures ranging from snapbacks, plastic hooks, and buckles.


· How is a Cap Manufactured?

The fabric layers—wool, cotton, or a cotton-synthetic mix (depending on the baseball cap manufacturing companies and the style of hat)—are cut. Many dozens of layers of fabric are carefully laid on top of each other, and then they are cut at once using a fabric-cutting saw.


A. Cutting of fabric. All the cap components are of the same shape and size for most of the caps and thus hydraulic machines are mostly used to cut the panels.  

B. Stitching process of the crown and visor. They can start simultaneously as they are made separately and attached before the final process. The stitching starts with the front panels first through the SNLS machine. Often due to cap design, another layer of fusing fabric is added to the back of the front panel. This gives the raised shape to the crown.

C. Embroidery on the panels. After this, the front panel is sent to the embroidery department where distinct logos and graphics are embroidered onto the front panels through computerized embroidery machines.

D. Attach eyelets on the panels. After embroidery, the panels are sent to eyelet machines where the machine pierces through the panel and stitch around its edges. 

E. Attach tapes. With most of the caps being 6-paneled caps the stitching starts with stitching 3 panels together twice which is stitched in between and reversed to form the crown. These tapes ensure that the seams give a soft feel to the wearer at the seams.

F. Make the visor part. Alongside the crown, the front visor is made by stitching two fabric panes like a pocket and turning it inside out. The material to be put inside the visor can range from stiff fabric to plastic sheet depending on the requirement. This is mostly done through automatic stitching machines for the highest quality. 

I. Attach sweatband. With the visor attached, the sweatband is attached to the base of the crown followed by a decorative topstitch at the base of the cap. During this labels can be added to the sweatband.

J. Attach cloth snaps (button). The final stage is the addition of the cloth snaps at the top of the cap where all the panel seams converge.

K. Attach Closure. At the back of the cap attach an adjustable closure. This can be made of self-fabric or plastic closure. 


L. Steaming the stitched cap. After stitching is complete, the caps are placed on a blocking machine that steams and fixes the shape of the cap. This ensures a greater life span of the caps as they are less likely to lose their shape after that.

It can be difficult to articulate the power of style and fashion through words, but these icons managed to do so with quote-worthy, inspiring words of wisdom to live by. From the greatest fashion designers to legendary models and stylists. Fashion is a never an outdated topic for people. And Foremost caps, as an important and inseparable fashion item of people’s life, hopefully, will always be a part of your life!!

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