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How To Clean a Baseball Cap Perfectly Without Out Of Shape - The Complete Guide

Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd. Updated Jul. 14,2022

If you have a favorite baseball cap, it will be dirty easily. So how to clean it will be a problem.If you are confused how to clean a baseball cap, this article will help you. Let us go step by step.

How to Clean a Baseball Cap Perfectly Without out of Shape

Before cleaning hat you need to know

There are many different ways to wash baseball caps, but the most important thing is not to let the hat out of shape. Also, The cleaning method of hats of different materials is also different.

1. In the age of machines, you may want to clean baseball caps by washing machine or dish washer. But needless to say, these ways will hurt the hats, because baseball caps usually are structured items. After washing, they will be out of shape, all folds, basically can't wear because of squeezing and twisting.

So I highly recommend cleaning your baseball caps by hand, thus it will not damage.

2. Do not use hot water: If you wash with water, do not use water with too high temperature when cleaning. You may think that the higher the temperature, the cleaner the cleaning. But the excessive temperature will deform the baseball cap, so choose the appropriate water temperature when cleaning.

3. Do not soak the LOGO part of the brim and crown of the hat, or soak it in water

The brim is made of Oxford lining. If they are soaked, they will have no shape, and you will not be able to save it.

4. For some printed baseball caps, washing with water tends to cause fading, so these baseball caps are best dry cleaned.

5. Do not wash wool baseball caps, because the wool will shrink, if the cap is stained with dust or pet hair, etc., you can use wide-faced tape, fold it over your fingers, and stick it on your fingers to remove surface dust. Wool baseball caps do not need to be cleaned every time, instead It is easy to shorten the lifespan. If it is necessary to clean it, dry cleaning is the most appropriate.

The best way to clean baseball caps

Not all hats need completely wash, in different case you need different way.

Situation one: Slight stains.

If only a slight little stain that was accidentally dropped on the ground while playing on the road, just wipe it off with a damp towel or wipes.

How to Clean a Baseball Cap Perfectly Without out of Shape

Situation two: Deep stains.

If it is only a large area and stains that have penetrated into the fabric, use the washing method, not suitable for wool caps:

1. Hand wash: Don't be lazy, friends, be sure to wash by hand.

1)Wet the stained part of the hat with water. You should pay attention to places with hardware. The water temperature is mainly cold water or 30 ℃ warm water. If you do not know the water temperature, use cold water. Do not use hot water.

2)Put a little laundry detergent on the stained area.

3)Brush with a toothbrush, remember not to be too violent.

How to Clean a Baseball Cap Perfectly Without out of Shape

4)You must clean the sweat band, because the sweatband is the place where the skin and hair are directly in contact with the skin and hair. When you wear it, the sweat will be absorbed into the sweatband, and it will stink after a long time.

5)After brushing, wash off the stains with clean water (do not force the cap to the faucet, because the cap may be impacted and deformed at this step).

2. Don't sit still after washing. Lay it flat on the table to dry, not in the sun, you can also hang it in a ventilated place.

If you are in a hurry, use a hair dryer to dry it. If you are not in a hurry, you can dry it. When using a hair dryer, you need to pay attention to set the hair dryer to a hot mode carefully. Using the heat of the hair dryer to match the water permeating the hat fabric, it is equivalent to ironing the hat again.

3. When it's almost dry, you can use a hat holder, and you can buy a soft shell for only one dollar. Or when buying hats, seller will give away hat holder. It is very useful, so do not throw them away.

If you don't have a hat holder, you can shape it into a ball with newspaper. Then adjust the adjustment buckle of the hat to the size of the hat you usually wear, and then put the spherical newspaper into the hat.

The purpose of this part is to restore its original hat shape.

4. After drying, if you find any wrinkles, use a steam iron to remove them. By the way, it is normal that the cotton hats you buy will shrink after washing. After shrinking, I found the way to grow small: I only wear more, so that it can get back to its previous size.

5. Remove wool

As a final step, this method can be used regularly even when the hat is not being cleaned. Because as long as the hat is taken out, it will definitely be contaminated with small dust or small wool such as clothes. Then you can use tape to remove these dust and small wool on the surface of the hat.

1)Tear out the tape about 15cm in length

2)Connect the front and rear ends of the tape with the adhesive surface together to form a circle. As shown in the figure:

3)Put the circular tape into the middle and ring fingers

4)Tap on the surface of the hat, and use adhesive tape to remove the dust and small wool on the surface of the hat.

After completing the above steps, the stained hat has been cleaned! The hat is fresh and clean! But usually you still need to take care of your hat, do not wear it when exercising or sweating, and minimize the number of times you need to wash!

[Note: As long as the hats are made of cotton and acrylic fabrics, they can be washed. Note that if it is wool or other special materials, this method is not suitable for cleaning. 】

How to Clean a Baseball Cap Perfectly Without out of Shape

How to take care of  a baseball cap:

Each baseball cap has its own fixed shape, because a special material is used to fix the baseball cap during the production process.

So when you don't usually wear a hat, you should put the baseball cap in a box of suitable size, and remember to place it in a dry place, so as to prevent moisture from damaging the shape of the baseball cap.

If you have a lot of hats, you might as well stand up all the hats, put the hardest hats on the bottom, and cover them one by one!

Any suggestions, let me know.

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