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How to Clean and Wash Your Beanie in Right Way - Ultimate Guide!

Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd. Updated Jun. 06,2022

Watching the entertainment news everyday and it feels like everyone wears and love beanies, from Rihanna at the Met Gala red carpet to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry going for a stroll. But one thing that’s not as openly discussed is how to care for them.

While everyone might just think…it’s a beanie and how dirty can it get? Even though it may be tempting to think that everything you wear in the winter is clean – after all, you don't sweat as much……

In fact, you might find yourself wondering should you wash beanies? It stands to reason that they may need a good cleansing; sweat, makeup, and hair products can certainly build up and make your beanie look less than pristine. But the process is not as simple as it seems.

How to Clean and Wash Your Beanie in Right Way

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To a lot of people, beanies are the staple style during winter. You not only get warmth but also a chance to look trendy and stylish. Speaking of which, we prepared some handy tips on how to wear a beanie and look stylish. But you may be asking about how to wash your beanies.

Yes, your beanies should be washed, after being exposed to grime from your sweat, makeup, and any other products you use on your hair.

Luckily, you did a good thing finding this article. After detailed reading, you will get definitive guide to washing your beanies. Get comfortable, it is going to be an exciting read.

How to Clean and Wash Your Beanie in Right Way

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Why should you wash your beanie?

You can’t go a day or two without washing your hair, right? The same dirt you are getting off your hair finds its way into your hats. It leaves you no choice other than washing your beanies regularly.

Let us bring this closer home for a better understanding. Everything we are wearing can gather a massive amount of dirt in a few hours. Our bodies let out a lot of dirt and it all goes to what we are wearing. It is even more for those who exercise or do labor-intensive jobs. There is also 40 grams of greasy sebum, 10 grams of salts, and not less than 2 billions of dead skin cells each day. A good portion of all these dirt is produced in the scalp and goes into your hair.

How to Clean and Wash Your Beanie in Right Way

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Can you wash beanies?

Of course, not only can you wash beanies, but you should.

Beanies can be washed with a little attention to their needs. Because they typically have some amount of elastic woven into them, they need to be handled in cold water and never thrown into the dryer. You can machine wash in cold, or you can hand wash a beanie. Always lay it out flat to dry.

Washing loose weave beanies can be a little high maintenance, but they’re really not so bad once you get to know them.

While tight weave beanies will be a little more forgiving if you screw up. They shrink less easily. Maybe use a bit more detergent with this type of hat, they generally won’t fray as easily in a machine wash. Except for hats with a high elastic content, generally, a tight-weave hat will hold up better in the dryer.

How to Clean and Wash Your Beanie in Right Way

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How to wash a beanie with a pom pom?

Pom pom beanies can be a little tricky. If the pom pom is made of the same stuff as the rest of the hat, wash normally using our instructions in the next section. A lot of the time, the pom pom will be made of something different, like fake fur. You don’t want to get that stuff wet. Faux fur pom poms can disintegrate under rough handling.

To wash a pom pom beanie hat, wash by hand in cold water. Especially for faux fur or other special materials, don’t submerge them in the water. Hold the pom pom out of the water while you wash the hat. Since it doesn’t touch your skin, it’s okay not to wash. Then, air dry it like you normally would.

How to Clean and Wash Your Beanie in Right Way

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How to hand-wash beanies in 6 steps

I.Fill a bucket or sink with cold water no warmer than 30ºC (86ºF).

II.Add a teaspoon of mild laundry detergent, then hand-mix the soap in the water.

III.Place your beanie in the water and move it around for 5 minutes. If it’s heavily stained, massage the spot gently.

IV.Drain away the soapy water and fill with cold clean water. Swirl your beanie around in the water, then repeat this process until the water is clear.

V.Move the beanie to a dry towel, then carefully roll the towel and press firmly to remove excess water. Do not wring or twist.

VI.Lay your beanie on another dry towel and reshape, then let it air dry completely.

How to Clean and Wash Your Beanie in Right Way

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The ultimate guide to washing your beanies

There are two methods you can use to wash your beanie as follows:

I.Machine washing

Check the beanie label to ascertain if it is machine-washable: there are washing instructions somewhere on the label. Beanies made of synthetic fibers, wool, cotton blends, and pure cotton can be washed in a machine.

Prevent your beanie from stretching by putting it in a laundry bag: beanies are notorious for stretching, especially when you wash them in a machine. Woolen beanies are the biggest stretching culprits. Stay ahead of this problem by putting your hats in a laundry bag. Draw the strings and your hat is ready for a thorough wash.

You may introduce the detergent via the exterior drawer. Then, pouring the soap directly will lead to some portions absorbing more detergent than other others. Some areas will be more washed than others.

How to Clean and Wash Your Beanie in Right Way

Photo by Red Hat Factory on Unsplash

If your beanie is woolen, get detergents specific to it: use gentle cleaning setting: when the settings are too high, your hats will lose their shape.

Set temperatures at 29 degrees Celcius/85 degrees Fahrenheit: typically, hand washing settings work well with cold water. But some washing machines do not come with that option. Therefore, the temperature must not exceed 30 degrees Celcius or 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep away from the temptation to use hot water as it will shrink your beanies.

Reshape your beanie when wet: when you are done washing, reshape your hat when it is still damp. You can as well stuff it with a few grocery bags on the inside to keep its shape.

How to Clean and Wash Your Beanie in Right Way

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II.Hand washing

This method is the best for knitted and synthetic fabric beanies. Here are the steps:

Check the label to make sure the material is suitable for hand-washing. Nylon, acrylic, and polyester are some of the materials that bond well with hand washing.

Fill up a bucket or sink with cold water: for woolen and cashmere beanies, use lukewarm water. The water you use should not be hotter than 29 degrees Celcius or 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Add a small amount of mild detergent: for every gallon of water, use one teaspoon of detergent. Use your hand to stir the water until the detergent is evenly distributed.

How to Clean and Wash Your Beanie in Right Way

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Put your hats into the mixture and keep swirling for about 5 minutes: do not try to stretch the beanie because that will lead to a permanent loss of shape. By the time the 5 minutes expire, over 98% of the dirt will be gone.

Use clean cold water to rinse your beanies: squeeze your beanies hard against the bottom or side of the sink or bucket.

Roll up the beanies in a towel to remove extra moisture: if there is still some moisture left, put your beanie on a towel, roll it inside and press it gently to absorb the water.

Air-dry your beanies. Do not fall to the temptation of using a dryer.

When it comes to fashion, Foremost is always the first to break the news to you. Stay tuned for more about beanies and other headwears.

How to Clean and Wash Your Beanie in Right Way

Photo by Mike Montgomery on Unsplash

Laundry FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about washing beanies.

What soap should I wash a beanie with?

Since beanies touch your face, it’s best to use a fragrance-free detergent. Fragrance, chemical or natural, can give you dermatitis, acne, or provoke an allergy.

Can I put my beanie in the dryer?

Never put your beanie in the dryer. The hot air will shrink and even ruin the elastic. Your cool, slouchy beanie just became a skullcap.

Will my beanie shrink?

The trouble with beanies is their elastic, which will definitely shrink in the dryer. If you wash in cold water and air dry, you’ll avoid the dreaded shrinkage.

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