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What is Billabong?

Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd. Updated May. 09,2023

Billabong is a surfing brand from the Canada, founded in 1973. The brand is known for its durable, functional, and comfortable workwear and surfing products, including work pants, overalls, work shoes, and more. 


1.Basic Introduction


I just want surfers to feel special – to realize that we’re the luckiest people in the world.”

– Gordon Merchant 


The iconic Australian surf and lifestyle brand Billabong was started in humble beginnings by Gordon Merchant. The name is derived from the Wiradjuri word bilabaŋ, which translates to ‘creek that runs only during the rainy season,’ and captures Gordon’s early days where he was found chasing the waves.


In 1973, the founder started Billabong with one vision: to share that magic feeling of waveriding with the rest of the world. Five decades later, driven by Merchant’s obsession with pushing surfing and surf culture forward, they’re more committed than ever to its original dream. 



2. History of Billabong

Source: official website

Since it's beginnings in 1969, billabong has combined function, fit, art and fashion to develop boardshorts and clothing for mountain and ocean lovers across the globe. While still sticking to the core roots of the mountain and the wave, billabong has become recognized as the premium youth lifestyle and culture clothing brand within the action sports market. billabong has an ever-changing array of materials, prints, and technologies.

In addition to boardshorts, billabong designs and produces an entire line of lifestyle apparel, wetsuits, and snow outerwear available across the globe. Our elite team of athletes have become icons throughout the world. Our mission is inspire the youth and progress as the world around us evolves.


For more than 40 years, they’ve been making gear for one of surfing’s greatest gifts: the inimitable Mark Occhilupo. Billabong has been actively engaged in charitable activities, both locally and globally.

Billabong recognizes the concept of corporate social responsibility and benevolence. They want their philanthropic work to have impact beyond what we do as one company and believe that we can do this by coordinating the support of other organizations and individuals.


3. On its Products

Products are various. Men’s and women’s wearings are numerous.


On men’s products, it includes custom wearings, new arrivals, boardshorts, clothing, T-shirts, accessories, adventure division, wetsuits, snow wearing, boys, collections, sales, etc.

On women’s products, it includes custom wearings, new arrivals, swim, clothing, dresses, accessories, shoes, adventure division, wetsuits, snow wearing, collections, girls, sale, etc.

On its accessories, it includes hats, beanies, bucket hats, flip flops, backpacks & luggages, towels & blankets, surf accessories, lunch boxes & coolers, socks, undershorts, belts, ballets, other accessories.



4. On its Sample Product & Price 


Name: A/Div Surftrek Snapback Hat


Price: $29.95

Description: Skip the sunburn in style in the A/Div Surftrek Snapback Hat, made from recycled Billabong apparel Surftrek fabric with 6-panel fit construction. Featuring an adjustable snapback closure, silicon patch on the center front crown and a curved brim for added protection. 



5. On its Innovation and Sustainability


 Source: official website

· On its Commitment 

· Billabong’s commitment to the enviroment continues with the expansion of our Recycler program into our Adventure Division Snow collection, encompassing Outerwear, Snow Layers, and Snow Accessories. 100% of our Snow range are now made from recycled PET, saving millions of plastic bottles from landfills and our seas.


· On its Sustainability & Eco-Conscious Fabrics

· 100% of all products that touch the ocean are made from eco-conscious fabrics. The rule is that the garment must be 51% or more of eco-conscious fibers and those fibers must be certified by an independent third-party. 

· 3 Characteristics and their explanations are listed as follows:


· Friendly Fibers. Easy on the planet, easy on the body. Introducing silky soft wovens crafted from 100% organic, sustainable and responsibly harvested cotton— taking us one step closer to happier trees and cleaner seas.

· Sustainable Swim. High design, low impact: Their eco conscious swim made from recycled yarns fits like a glove and is ready for the sea. Water is at the center of what they do, and this earth conscious swim collection marks a wave of change they are committed to being a part of.

· Recycler Neopene. They want the pieces to reflect the respect, and they felt it was only right that we take a step towards cleaning up our neoprene act. Introducing our eco conscious, recycled neoprene line, a love letter to salt-drenched days and to the only ocean they have.


That’s all for today’s article, and hopefully you can get some energy and inspiration from it. Also, surfing would be a wonderful sport to experience in your daily life; why not start right now?

Let’s get started, and, as the classic Nike slogan says, "Just Do It."


Any new ideas? Let us know. What is your idea?

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