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12 Best Fedora Hat Brands —— Complete List

Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd. Updated Dec. 22,2022

For today's article, we will introduce some famous fedora hat brands.

The ranking order in the article is based on the search popularity of the brand corresponding to the word fedora hat in the Google Keyword Planner. Income and other data come from Zoominfo.

Let us go directly into it!

1. Stetson


Brand Intro: Founded in 1865, Stetson was born from the spirit of the West and grew to become an American icon. John B. Stetson's friendly gesture towards a wayward traveler on the new frontier gave birth to the world's first "cowboy hat." Ever since, Stetson has been a global leader in headwear, a trusted household name globally, and has become standard equipment for Western aficionados everywhere. For over 150 years, Stetson has created quality products built to last and deeply rooted in the American tradition. 

Main Products: fedora, custom bucket hat, straw hat, etc.   

Price: $200-$300 

2. Goorin Bros


Brand Intro: Founded in 1895, Goorin Bros. is an iconic and historic cap brand in its fourth generation of leadership. The Goorin Bros caps allow people to express their style with the animals on the patches confidently. You can find an animal that speaks to you or looks like you.

Main Products: fedora, bucket hat, straw hat, etc.  

Price: Around $350  

Revenue: $54M

3. Bailey


Brand Intro: Bailey Hats are world-renowned for its quality designs and proud heritage. Founded in 1922 by George Bailey, the brand has worked tirelessly to ensure they continually produce innovative, fashion-forward, and professionally crafted hats. Today, Bailey's design explores the juxtaposition of Hollywood elegance and Western toughness and is influenced by both directional culture and fashion that serves as a unique framework for the original design. The collection consists of timeless products that customers buy repeatedly and cultural statement pieces that are unique and packed with style.

Main Products: fedora, bucket hat, custom straw hat, etc.  

Price: $50-$100 

Revenue: $215M

4. Borsalino


Brand Intro:  Borsalino is the oldest Italian manufacturer specializing in the production of luxury hats: it is universally known for its extraordinary quality, unmistakable style, and timeless elegance. 1857, on 4th April, Giuseppe Borsalino created what is now the oldest Italian luxury hat manufacturer in Alessandria, a town in northern Italy. That's all the story began.

Main Products: felt hats, fedora hats, wool felt hats, trilby hats, straw hats. 

Price: Around $500

Revenue: $18M

5. Dorfmanmilano


Brand Intro: They craft handmade headwear from three primary fibers: straw, felt, and cotton. Each material offers unique advantages such as packability, warmth, durability, and style. Techniques inspired by Italian craftsmanship, passed down over generations, make hats produced in this factory the standard of quality headwear. All hats are fabricated from rich materials with classic styling ensuring they always look good. 

Main Products: fedora, bucket hat, straw hat, etc.  

Price: Around $500 

Revenue: $16M

6. Resistol


Brand Intro:  MADE IN THE U.S.A. Since 1927, Resistol has hand-crafted hats in America. Beginning with raw fur, Resistol is the only manufacturer that proudly creates each fur felt hat, starting with natural fur to make their hat bodies, all the way through hundreds of steps to a beautifully finished Resistol hat. Each hat becomes uniquely your own. From the passionate hatters that started the company to the hardworking team working daily to produce the best hat a cowboy can wear, the folks at Resistol live and love the western way of life. 

Main Products: fedora, bucket hat, straw hat, etc.  

Price: $200-$600

Revenue: $85M

7. Akubra


Brand Intro:  Akubra Hats are an Aussie tradition. Family-owned for over 145 years, their fur-felt hats are made in Kempsey, NSW, Australia. The term "Akubra" came into use around 1912 and derived from an Aboriginal language word that means head covering a hat. In 1925 Akubra officially became an Australian brand name led by the son-in-law of a famous cap manufacturer known in the 1870s. The company became incredibly popular since the time it started producing its Australian hats. The term itself has become used for these caps by this company.

Main Products: fedora, bucket hat, straw hat, etc.  

Price: Around $265 


8. Helen Kaminski


Brand Intro:  In 1983, founder Helen Marie Kaminski handcrafted a raffia hat to protect her children from the searing Australian sun. Soon after, her distinctive design was coveted by the small country boutiques, followed by fashion insiders. Helen Kaminski offers a collection of women's hats, bags, and scarves. From classic raffia hats to must-have cross-body bags and totes, Helen Kaminski designer accessories inspire confidence, reflect individual style, and are made to last.

Main Products: fedora, bucket hat, straw hat, etc.  

Price: Around $300 

Revenue: $17M

9. Indiana jones

Brand Intro: Since it first appeared on the screen in 1981, no other hat has retained the type of popularity than that of the Indiana Jones fedora. Worn by Harrison Ford in the original Indian Jones movie, the hat was designed specifically for the character that won the hearts of many who cheered the adventurer through his many trials and tribulations. Nothing comes close to the official Indiana Jones hat for style and quality. At Hat Country, we have classes for children and men with some variations. Choose from wool felt or fur in black and brown, brown only, or khaki. Some styles are also water-repellent and crushable for wearing even in bad weather and under harsh circumstances.

An Indiana Jones fedora is a fun and practical addition to his wardrobe and a super gift that will let him know how much you appreciate his sense of adventure. 

Main Products: cowboy hat, wool felt cowboy hat, leather cowboy hat, fur hat, etc. 

Price: Around $70

10. Brixton


Brand Intro:  Inspired by music, culture, and the people who surround them, Brixton is the collaboration of three friends who want to convey their lifestyle through unique products. The clean, classic design of the Brixton collection has a modern yet timeless feel. Brixton's traditional brimmed hats come in fedora and bucket hat styles, but the company also makes trucker hats and snapback caps. Brixton hats take on a timeless, classic feel—but with modern touches—using premium materials that are made to last a lifetime. 

Main Products: straw hat, bucket hat, beanie hat, etc. 

Price: $50-$120 

11. Lock & Co. Hatters


Brand Intro:  The London company Lock and Co Hatters was founded in 1676 by Robert Davis. The company has produced mainly men's hats but recently introduced a women's line in 1993. Lock and Co Hatters has revolutionized hat-making. Lock and Co Hatters are the world's oldest hat shop. Safety and Co Hatters sells a variety of iconic hats.

Main Products: fedora, bucket hat, straw hat, etc. 

Price: £325

Revenue: $5M

12. Chapel Hats


Brand Intro:  The Chapel Hats brand grew out of the idea that each of our stores should be as unique as the people who shop in them. Uniqueness was built into the Chapel brand from the ground up, as one of our first locations was constructed and created with salvaged vintage church wood, providing us with the name we've come to adopt and love today. A name that is synonymous with the best in style and fashion. They have products like straw hats, felt hats, leather hats, etc.

Main Products: fedora, felt hat, straw hat, etc. 

Price: $ 20-$300

Revenue: $12M

SumAny new ideas, let me know. If it is helpful, please share it kindly.

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