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What is Dad Hat?

Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd. Updated Nov. 14,2023

I. Introduction

A dad hat is a relaxed, unstructured hat similar to a baseball cap. They're also called low-profile or unstructured caps. The front panel of a dad hat is usually softer and less structured than a snapback, providing a comfortable and casual feel. Dad hats are all about minimalistic designs, often featuring simple logos or embroidered words that exude a sense of effortless coolness.

Dad hats are popular because they are: simple yet versatile, affordable, emotionally appealing, also suitable for various occasions, from outdoor activities to everyday wear.

Dad hats have cultural significance because they are no longer solely associated with baseball players or dads, symbolize casual, effortless style, also they have the potential to express both friendship and individuality, it can also teach us to value diversity


For today’s article, we will introduce the dad hat, its history, features, and impact on the dad hat trend, what are you waiting for, let’s dive in!!

II. History of Dad Hats

Dad hats originated in the 1970s when baseball players started wearing 6-panel baseball caps off the field. They were named "dad hats" because they were popular with middle-aged men. 

The trend of dad hats took hold in the 1990s. Rappers made them popular with younger generations. Dad hats are less rigid than baseball caps and are often known as “floppy hats” or “floppy caps”. They are not meant to match perfectly with anything, but rather to complement an effortless look. 

Dad hats are commonly made from materials like cotton and twill.


III. Characteristics of a Dad Hat 

A. Unstructured crown and curved brim 

B. Adjustable strap or buckle back 

C. Relaxed and casual fit 

Dad hats are a type of baseball cap that is typically made from soft, comfortable materials such as cotton or canvas. They are usually six-panel hats with a low profile and a pre-curved brim. Dad hats often have a buckle or strap closure at the back for a customizable fit. They are often worn with casual outfits and have become a popular accessory for streetwear fashion.

Generally, baseball caps have a stiff brim, structured crown, and a snapback. They are usually worn by athletes and have become a vital accessory in fashion over time. In contrast, dad hats are low-profile caps that assume a more laid-back fit and a curved brim. They also have a strap or buckle closure at the back.


IV. Dad Hats in Fashion 

In the 1990s, dad hats gained popularity as rappers started wearing them. The caps for men and women went perfectly well with their outfits, such as baggy pants, dresses, and so on. The trend briefly faded away in the 2000s but made an emphatic comeback in 2016.

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V. Styling Tips and Versatility 

To dress down, you can pair a dad hat with casual pants, like khakis, sweatpants, or jeans, high-waisted jeans, khaki shorts, and a cotton t-shirt, or denim cutoffs and over-the-knee boots.

To dress up, you can pair a dad hat with bomber jackets and skinny jeans, a fine unconstructed jacket, heavy cotton chinos, and Penny loafers, a classic white Royal Oxford Shirt underneath a jacket, or a button-down shirt.

You can also try these outfits: a fine unconstructed jacket, heavy cotton chinos, and Penny loafers, a button-down shirt, denim cutoffs, and over-the-knee boots, simple navy chinos, a dark navy hat, and a white tee, an over shirt or a denim jacket.

Dad hats are a good choice for casual outings and outdoor activities. They can be worn for fishing, camping, and hiking, brunch with friends, baseball games, running errands, keeping the sun out of your eyes.


VI. Appeal and Appeal to Different Generations 

Retro-nostalgia is nostalgia for past trends or media. It can be described as an "unsentimental nostalgia" that recalls modern forms that are no longer current. Vintage Charm is a lifestyle brand that sells women's clothing, accessories, jewelry, and gifts. They also have a boutique that sells vintage finds.

The front panel of a dad hat is usually softer and less structured than a snapback, providing a comfortable and casual feel. Dad hats are all about minimalistic designs, often featuring simple logos or embroidered words that exude a sense of effortless coolness.

Gender fluidity in fashion and beauty is about expressing yourself in a way that doesn't fit into the traditional male/female dichotomy. It's about wearing what you want, regardless of what society says is appropriate for your gender. It's about breaking down the barriers that stand between you and your true identity.


VII. Design and Brand Diversity 

What materials are used to make dad hats? Dad caps for men and women are usually made of soft cotton, canvas, or corduroy. These fabrics ensure that the dad caps remain light. Further, the understated colors complement the materials. Dad hats are often decorated with logos, slogans, or aphorisms.


There are a ton of manufacturers out there who make dad hats. Brands like Adidas, New Era, leagues like the NBA, and even NASA have dad hats.

VIII. Conclusion

"Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself" Dad hats are a type of baseball cap that are characterized by their curved brim and solid color. They are often made from cotton or other breathable materials, which makes them ideal for everyday wear. 

Dad hats became popular in the 1990s and can be linked back to the 1970s. They are a go-to fashion accessory for even the snobbiest among us.

Dad hats are still a fashionable accessory and a valuable marketing tool — and the team at Real Thread has you covered whether your dad hats aim to launch your all-new label or introduce your business to a new audience.

That’s all for today, and if you have any questions related to this topic, please comment below and let us know!!

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