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Unveiling Crowned Elegance: African Headdress

Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd. Updated May. 08,2024

Like people from all around the world, Africans have a strong desire to pursue beauty. Their headdress maintains certain primitive features, with exaggerated shapes and mysterious styles, exuding a strong sense of primitive beauty and wildness. These accessories not only express beauty but also convey cultural, religious, and social information.

The production of African headgear is charac- terized by distinctive personality, emphasis on complexity, and the use of abundant materials. Typically, it is made from plant fruits, seeds, animal bones, teeth, feathers, as well as gem- stones, shells, and other materials. This reflects a rustic and naive artistic atmosphere while also showcasing personal identity and status.

The shape of African headgear is characterized by its free pattern styles and tends to be highly exaggerated. Some are towering like towers, some are fluffy like bushes, some resemble the fan-shaped tail feathers of an open peacock, and some are like the powerful wings of a hawk or falcon. In short, each headgear design is extremely exaggerated. However, strangely, when worn on the heads of Africans, it does not create a sense of disharmony. On the con- trary, it perfectly matches their temperament, creating a wild ethnic style that achieves a perfect harmony between humans and nature.

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