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Nantong Foremost Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd. Updated Jul. 21,2022

Browser compatibility issues are often encountered in the website construction industry. Sometimes it is not easy to find these problems due to the unprofessionalism of the customers. However, as a website production company, after the website program is written, the website must be tested on commonly used browsers when entering the testing phase. For example: IE, Firefox, Google, 360 and Sogou and other mainstream browsers must be compatible with all mainstream browsers. The following is an introduction to the embodiment of incompatible browsers for corporate website construction.

The general page incompatibility is that there are many areas in the banner advertising image. According to the JS effect done by the technician, the following incompatibility may still exist:

1: Switch between banners will be blank. The corporate site usually has 3-5 banner advertisement pictures automatically switched, and 5 pictures may be left blank when switching. Of course, not all browsers will leave blank space. Assuming that there will be blank space between viewing banner advertisements on Sogou browser, but there may not be any when viewing on IE browser. This is because the cores of the two browsers are not The same, so the results are different. This is an important manifestation of the incompatible browsers of the website.

2: The drop-down effect of the navigation bar is deformed or not displayed. Current enterprise sites generally do some drop-down effects. When the DIV+CSS is not arranged, the drop-down effect may be deformed when the mouse is moved up, or the drop-down effect of some columns cannot be produced. So it needs to be tested and modified according to different browsers.

3: The homepage frame is deformed. There may be no problem with the entire upper part of the website, and the following sections may be deformed due to inconsistency with the above. This is related to the typesetting when writing code. The JS special effects on the homepage are usually more prone to conflicts, which will cause the homepage frame. Deformed situation.

The above three points are all manifestations of incompatible browsers for corporate website construction, and there are many details that will be reflected. However, when testing the website, the testers of the website construction company must use mainstream browsers to check all of them. If the incompatibility is found, record the problem points and hand them to the technician to modify and solve them one by one.

There are usually incompatibility phenomena after the website is developed. It may be that the technicians were negligent when writing the code, leaving some incompatibility factors. Or the whole page conflicts with too many JS special effects. But as long as you find the problem and find the reason to solve the problem, don't ignore the existence of these problems because of the customer's unprofessionalism. This is an extremely irresponsible performance to the customer and should not happen to a professional website construction company.

Regarding the manifestation of website incompatible browsers, this article introduces from three aspects. You may find other problems in specific tests. In short, pay attention when building the website and during the testing phase. Make sure that the website is compatible with all mainstream browsers.

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